Get to know your team better
METIMUR provides you insights you can use to improve your team. Most data is synchronized with your sprint in Jira but is editable as well. Try it for free!
Time for a screencast?
Are you curious how METIMUR looks like and how it works? In this small screencast you can see how easy METIMUR makes it to see how your sprints went, which additional efforts surprised your team, and what your team's capabilities are.
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Meaningful insights help you to assess your past sprints and use the derived actions based on objective data to improve your process. This helps you a lot to understand what happens during the past sprints.
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As METIMUR is fully integrated into Jira, it reads the sprint data in real time and allows you to add further indicators manually. Overall will this functionality provide adequate insights on how your team is performing.
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Due to the sensitivity of the data provided by METIMUR you have full control of who is able to view and edit data in this add-on. The permission schemes of METIMUR are associated with your settings in Jira Software.
Getting started with METIMUR in 3 steps

METIMUR can be installed and configured in only 3 steps. After just about 5 minutes you are ready to go.

1. Installation

Installation is easily done by installing it from the Atlassian Marketplace. Search for METIMUR and click on free trial. Jira installs METIMUR by itself.

2. Permissions

By default METIMUR isn’t visible for anybody. As a Project Admin you can activate it for a project in the project settings.

3. Usage

Click on the symbol in the menubar of a Scrum project and watch how METIMUR reads all sprints and visualizes the insights on a dashboard.

Do you need more to read?
Which conclusions can I make from METIMUR's data?

The diagrams and numbers calculated by METIMUR visualize how the individual sprints went. You can make conclusions from the data and take action to make your team even better. How to do this the post explains.

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How are the metrics calculated in the first place?

Aside from the data taken directly from Jira and the input data you provide yourself, METIMUR calculates further important metrics for you. We'll explain the details of those calculations in this blog post.

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What does METIMUR cost anyway?

100 Users

$1500 / Year

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250 Users

$3000 / Year

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500+ Users

Further pricing

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